Dewpoint A14B

RED and BLU fight over a nearby train track

  1. Red got some new paints


    -Detailed some of red side
    -Widen some doorways
    -Made some ramps less steep
    -Added a medium ammo crate inside flank

    Prepare for Beta...
  2. Dewpoint_a15


    -Raised the point to add more interesting combat
    -Added a lower area under point with a medium health kit
    -Added a new path from above the point towards point
  3. Koth_dewpoint_a14

    New name, new paint! A14

    -The map has been rethemed on the rolling hills of a grassy mountain
    -Blu and Red spawn have been given a new exit out of spawn
    -Traintrack above point has been decluttered, alongside the rest of the map
    -Spawn to point has been reflowed to be less confusing, more intuitive and less "no man's land" like
    -The underground mine below the point has been removed


    1. koth_dewpoint_a14_thumbnail.jpg
  4. Trainwreck A12


    -Detailed and reworked the underground area under the point
    - Added extra door in the building near point
    -Doors near point are no longer team locked
    -Widened some doorways and windows
  5. Koth Trainwreck A11

    A11! (Skipped a few versions now)

    -Revamped control point
    -Added new building leading to point killing off some flat land
    -Removed battlements
    -Added more height variation
    -Raised bridge
    -Added an underground mine underneath the point

    The map has been revamped to lose the claustrophobic feel of the map. Hop on the map and let me know if you like the changes!


    1. koth_trainwreck_a110000.jpg
  6. Koth TrainWreck


    -Raised control point
    -Removed drop down on the battlements to stairs.
    -Connected the battlements to the bridge building for easier access to the battlements
    -Added building in the middle lane to grant access from the bottom to the bridge
    -Ramp leading to bridge has been shortened and replaced with a staircase
    -Added cover on the control point
    -Added small health pack near the control point so defenders don't need to fall back far
    -Added sheet metal on...