DergFerret a3

A collab map between yosh and mache

  1. Alpha 3

    Map rename because people keep making fart jokes out of the name and it was making me actually angry.

    +Moved spawn again so its more front and center in the base
    +Added new drop down room
    +Spawn now has 3 exit places, main, balcony, and a chute down to intel (1 way for non-jumpers)
    +Added lighting elements around
    -Ditched Pont's fast ctf logic, players kept complaining cause they didn't understand it immedately
    -Removed vent room
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  2. Alpha 2

    +Redid spawns to be higher up
    +Added Grates to vent room
    *Adjusted mid to have less dead space
    *Changed up the packs a bit
    *Tweaked tank room next to mid to be a computer room instead
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