Defeat Day b2 fix fix

Enemy on the horizon. Remember, every setback a step forward. Every day of defeat a victory!

  1. Pre-Rework update

    Gameplay changes:

    - Changed CP1 cap time from 3 to 5 seconds
    - Changed CP2 cap time from 5 to 7 seconds
    - Changed CP3 cap time from 7 to 10 seconds
    - Opened main way from CP1 to CP2
    - Added some obstacles on way CP1-CP2
  2. Some fixes

    Fixed Resupply cabinets
    Added some crates on point B and A
    Added Zeppelin Crash
    Added way near 2 Blu spawn
    Fixed some textures
  3. The Last Update

    I think I cant support this map anymore. It was inspired by Valve's DOD, has some similarities with dod_donner (thats why second point is copy of it). It was one of my favorite game, but I have so many problems with that map, such as overscaling, weird geometry and huge sightlines. Also, it is my first map and I think you shouldt wait some good mapping here.

    This update for the last playtest of that map. After that, I will publish some assets of that map and vmf too.

    So, what is updated?...
  4. Beta Update

    Map now in Beta.

    Rebuilded 3 red spawn
    Rebuilded 3 CP
    Retextured buildings from orange to white texture
    Added some clips
    Fixed Door on 2 CP
    Deleted banners and fixed sewer stair
  5. Doorways Update!

    Doorways update - more space in door frames!
    Also more navigation and RED spawn was moved backwards
  6. Alpha 7 final Update

    Some fixes and extra way to point C. Also trench sniper signline fixed
  7. Sniper signlines update

    Reduced amount of sniperlines. Added easter egg. Added barrier for BLU team after capping First CP
  8. Fixes, music and navigation

    Fixed "DOOR STUCK" and added music and navigation. INDEV
  9. Later

  10. INDEV test version

    Special test version for tf2maps community. Need to get feedback for next map update.