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Enemy on the horizon. Remember, every setback a step forward. Every day of defeat a victory!

  1. Emil_Rusboi
    The enemy is on the horizon. We have to stop them, and then liberate Blu-occupied Badlands! Remember! Every setback a step forward. Every failure is an extra opportunity for success. Every day of defeat a victory!

    cp_defeatday - 1 stage 3 point attack/defend map for the Frontline! project. It was inspired by Valve's Day of Defeat and has slight similarities.

    BLU team start in an occupied house. Their task is to capture the radio tower of the RED. RED start in a cafe and if they fail they can retreat beyond the fortified wall.

    Then the task of BLU is to capture the central street, in the center of which stands a stuck tank. RED will have 15 seconds to prepare after capturing the first checkpoint.
    Last point is the area in front of the residence of the REDs, in the center of which is a fountain.

    This is my first map and it is still in development. I will be glad to hear your opinion and get your feedback. You dont need to install frontline supply pack or css-content!


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