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    The game servers have moved to semi-dedicated hardware and IPs have changed. Please see front page server widget for up-to-date game server information.

Cynder's TF2 Server a2.1

I'm the one who admins!

  1. Cynder loves Portal
    I use this to test my tr_towers A2 npc behaviour and the map itself .

    I created a nav file for the map and the NPC's use it perfectly!

    Screenshot commands

    f5 - Take Screenshots
    f6 - hud off and cheats on
    F7 -hud on and cheats off

    Server commands:
    keypad end - Spawn headless hatmann
    keypad 2 - merasmus
    keypad 3 - Spawn zombie
    keypad 4 - MVM Tank
    keypad 6 - eyeball_boss"
    numlock - sv_cheats on/off

    keypad 5 - tf_spell_pickup tier 1
    keypad 7 - merasmus_grenade
    keypad 9 - raygun

    Keypad + - 30000 credits in MVM
    Keypad - - lose 3000 credits in mvm

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