Cynder's TF2 Server a2.1

I'm the one who admins!

  1. oops

    Cynder loves Portal
    I forgot to update the server cfg file. fixed... (insert facehoof here)
  2. new

    Cynder loves Portal
    All the commands are now binded to the number pad for ease of use of the "traditional" key users.

    Screenshot commands
    f5 - Take Screenshots
    f6 - hud off and cheats on
    F7 -hud on and cheats off

    Server commands:
    keypad end - Spawn headless hatmann
    keypad 2 - merasmus
    keypad 3 - Spawn zombie
    keypad 4 - MVM Tank
    keypad 6 - eyeball_boss"
    numlock - sv_cheats on/off

    keypad 5 - tf_spell_pickup tier 1
    keypad 7 - merasmus_grenade
    keypad 9 - raygun