CTF Industry Roof Topper V7

A CTF map in tall industrial buildings, death pits, and pretty... basic?

  1. CTF Industry Roof Topper V7

    Croc Snipe
    Another update with some new stuff that I now know to make this update:

    - Pools stairs has been changed to ramps to make it easier for bots to go up in.

    - Added a bunch of env_cubemaps all over for better lighting.

    - Added fog for visualization and prevent long sniper sightlines.

    - moved some bridges around.

    - Added power lines with ropes!

    - Added windows for preventing spawn camping.

    - Minor changes with the clips.

    I also need feedback so please send feedback so I can do better with...
  2. CTF Industry Roof Topper V6

    Croc Snipe
    - Fixed the respawn doors to no longer open 2 doors at once.

    - Added more props.
  3. CTF Industry Roof Topper V6

    Croc Snipe
    Hello, everyone, it's been a while since I made my last update figuring how to make A GODDAMN 3D SKYBOX, and I got my boot manager corrupted and lost the stuff and I can't update my map anymore. but luckily, I found a way to decompile my maps from BSP to VMF and I got back my VMF the only thing is it didn't save my props due to issues so I have to make some props and I'm done so here is my new update of V6:

    - Added 3D Skybox (FINALLY!)
    - It's a placeholder for now and will be changing...
  4. CTF Industry Roof Topper V5

    Croc Snipe
    - Added version by the file name
  5. CTF Industry Roof Topper

    Croc Snipe
    - 2 respawn doors are back. (but still shitty)

    - made a new building rooftop for the intelligence.
    - Added more props.
    - Placed a player clip barrier above the props to prevent scouts double/triple jumping above of the props.

    - doors are a little broken right now so if several bots are entering a single door at the same time it will not open until 1 bot uses the other one which opens both the doors.

    - Fixed some more pesky brush shifts.
    - Doors are now closer in BLU spawn (like in...
  6. CTF Industry Roof Topper V4

    Croc Snipe
    - Added health and ammo packs. (Finally)

    -Placed func_nobuild on top of the roof of respawning rooms.

    -Fix some other pesky brush shifts. (That one brush on top of BLU's respawn door is unfixable)

    -Give me love please I know my map look so unfinished but please use my map
    Team Fortress 2 11_2_2020 11_12_39 PM.png
  7. CTF Industry Roof Topper V3

    Croc Snipe
    - Fixed a leak because I forgot to playtest when I made some changes.
  8. CTF Industry Roof Topper

    Croc Snipe
    - Added env_cubemap, shadow_control, env_tonemap_ctrl, and color_correct just to give some better lighting to the map. Also HDR! :D

    - Fixed those pesky length shifts.

    - Make the map portal cleaner with func_detail to save a little from lag.
    Team Fortress 2 11_1_2020 1_04_07 AM.png
  9. CTF Industry Roof Topper

    Croc Snipe
    - Added some props to the main map.

    - Replaced the grey walls to orange walls.

    - There's some problem with the brush when you see a brush just shifted forward or backwards, blame Hammer. Team Fortress 2 10_30_2020 10_27_30 PM.png
  10. CTF Industry Roof Topper V1

    Croc Snipe
    Fixed a bug with the spawn.