ctf capture_the_flag

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  1. Endles "Fox" Mann

    Silo V1

    The Silo is a Stragate Command and Goldeneye 007 inspired Capture the Flag map where teams Red and Blu Fight in a remodelled silo inside an old cavern, converted into their own command centres to suit their ever growing need for power. If there are any problems with the map itself, or you have...
  2. Twan1

    Retropork 01

    A remake of my first map, ctf_oldham, now with sewers and a redesigned midpoint and intel rooms!
  3. Ponds34

    Ctf_lockdown_a1 A1

    A compact capture the flag map with close counter esc fighting with gameplay similar to ctf_tifid
  4. Святик Снюсоед

    Old 2fort 1.0

    Anyone remember old 2fort?
  5. just_Martin

    ctf_2ships_a1 1.1

    My first TF2 map in CTF mode. It has 2 ships in a dockyard and 2 warehouses!
  6. Dr.Pootis-001

    CTF_Woodworks Beta V1

    a collaborative prototype of a map called woodworks. it has many bugs that need to be addressed such as the flags not working on player and only for bots.
  7. I

    ctf_mach2_72hr_2021_final RC1

    A ctf map inspired by the warehouse in meet the heavy and screenshots of ctf_mach4, hence the name. my profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/whomstdveliest/
  8. LMSparrow | End the Bots

    TwinFacility A3

    A map designed around demoknight but is still good to play as other classes.
  9. Diadomer

    ctf_speedcap A4

    Speedcap is quite linear and takes place indoors. The layout is mirrored, which means the spawn rooms are right next to each other. Unlike normal CTF, this map has a 10 minute timer. As the name suggests, this map is less deathmatchy and more objective oriented, with fast paced gameplay. (No...
  10. Diadomer

    Need help with ctf map

    I made a ctf map, put a logic_auto and point_servercommand in to change the cap limit to 5, however, it didnt work. So I made a config file with the command sv_allow_point_servercommand always. After that, it still didnt work. How do I make the config file work? and is there a better way to...
  11. Dr. Orange

    Canyon 3 A1

    Canyon 3 is a capture the flag map where you have to take the enemy intelligence and bring it back to your base. You can not pick up the enemy intelligence unless your own team's intelligence is at your base, and touching your dropped intelligence will return it immediately. There are multiple...
  12. Siah Sargus

    Remaking the pit, and making an oddball-style mode

    2007 was a good year for vídeo games This one is still in the planning stage, but I want to know if it is even a workable idea before I start. I was playing some Halo 3 the other day, and I was reminded how much I loved that game. In particular how god some of the maps were. It’s been a while...
  13. Tang

    Doublecross Event v4

    Event map of the classic CTF map, Doublecross. Requested by my friend.
  14. Kepler

    CTF Overgrown A1

    A CTF map with a 6 minute timer (+1 minute on capture) that ends the game in a stalemate if both sides haven't won by the time the timer has ended and where the flag returns to base within 5 seconds of being dropped.
  15. Croc Snipe

    CTF Industry Roof Topper V7

    A CTF map in tall industrial buildings, death pits, and pretty... basic? Send Feedback, please.
  16. seventytwoithink

    launch base 2020-09-21

    this is of course just alpha so its gonna look a little better soon.
  17. TheOtherDrake

    ctf_coldwar a1.1

    More detailed description coming soon!
  18. Vinilo Traiteto

    ctf_vaultJam A1

    Small map concept for the 72hr Jam 2020, capture the middle point to open the enemy vault and steal the intel. (Uploaded properly for jam entry this time...)
  19. Tea at '5

    ctf_dry_deck a2

    72hr jam entry all feedback is appreciated
  20. SenterySapper08

    trade_hoovyboxing_a1987_2020fix2 A1

    It's been a while, huh? I made this map as practice way back in 2016. It was awful. After procrastinating for a few years, I decided to head back in and finally put in the necessities. Things like respawn rooms, decor, lighting... you know... the basics. Finally, after about a few days of work...