cp_waterworks a12

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cp_waterworks a12

its a U shape map, with a door opening when you capture the 2nd to last control point

Its a U shape map like I said with a door that opens when 2nd to last point is captured. (vis versa) on capture of 2nd to last point a door will close allowing a quick push in or waiting back to use ether flank route which helps for different reasons. This map has many flank routes allowing for multiple assaults and angles you can come from. hope it looks ok (I will add more later)ps the name is WIP so any suggestions would help) PS this is my friend who helped with the map at the beginning https://steamcommunity.com/id/TuddlesMcDoodle/
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  1. cp_waterworks

    Wo its been a while and I don't even remember most of the changes so Ill do my best to tell it you all fixes -Changed/fix what was requested -Added some patches under health and ammo -Added some optimization -Added more signs -Fix some overlays...
  2. cp_waterworks

    some and many different changes -Changed Spawn room and one of the flank routes -Removed some Health and ammo -Reduce some Health to less Health -Made mid more open -Added another way to get to mid -Fixed cube maps -Added some more overlays...
  3. cp_waterworks

    Major changes in this on -Change picture of map thingy -New mid -2 new flank routes near end -Added some patches -Fix some lighting -Fix some Z fighting -Fix some displacements -Open up a few areas -Added some clipping -Made the map a little...

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ok nice