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Its a Double Payload. You push each cart to each bomb site, only 1 needs to make it

    Its a Double Payload. You push each cart to each bomb site ( A & B) and when one makes it, blue wins. Red splits up at first but when the cart reaches the end, its right next to each other (ish) so red can defend fairly while blue can push ether cart but must be separated to push ether cart. They will stay separated with few hallways connecting both carts until the end where anything can happen and blue cant get full support from other team making the map / players statically. Some glitches with the logic but still works to the best it can hope you like and enjoy 20170614234012_1.jpg 20170614234023_1.jpg 20170614234028_1.jpg 20170614234042_1.jpg 20170614234046_1.jpg 20170614234051_1.jpg 20170614234058_1.jpg 20170614234104_1.jpg 20170614234113_1.jpg 20170614234123_1.jpg 20170614234132_1.jpg 20170614234136_1.jpg 20170614234141_1.jpg 20170614234153_1.jpg 20170614234158_1.jpg 20170614234206_1.jpg 20170614234215_1.jpg 20170614234226_1.jpg 20170614234229_1.jpg 20170614234240_1.jpg 20170614234249_1.jpg 20170614234254_1.jpg 20170614234258_1.jpg 20170614234302_1.jpg 20170614234339_1.jpg 20170614234347_1.jpg 20170614234354_1.jpg 20170614234404_1.jpg

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