cp_upthere a3

2 Stage A/D

  1. A3 Update.

    I made this update a week ago and forgot to just upload it.
    Made drastic changes to Stage 1 : A, the connecting portion from A to B and a bit of B too. Removed some stuff and added stuff.
    Also B in the stage 2 has added cover (will be changed eventually).
  2. A2A update or the "why the hell did i make 3 second cap times" update

    I extended the cap times to be way, way longer. I don't know why i made them so short last year andi didn't check them while making the A2 update.
    I also made quality of life changes :
    - Made so you couldn't die in the spawns
    - Made all the cabinets animated
    - Removed some brushes
    - Made some playerclipping obvious
    - Made cap times longer
    - Made red players force respawn on A cap (both stages)
    - Added a new room next to B on stage 1 to make it feel more open... sort of. It was mainly for...
  3. A2 Update

    Oh hey i made an update. I made some major changes to some of the more problematic ideas of the map. Being made in only 2 days for the 2020 72h jam i made a lot of mistakes. The second stage was rushed and the layout wasn't well thought out.

    This version was made out of spite because Defcon took the idea of a gondola lift station and made it good. In spite i made one too and ended up making the rest of the update.

    Here is an incomplete change log :
    - Made the courtyard at B way shorter...