cp_upthere a3

2 Stage A/D

  1. A2 Update

    Oh hey i made an update. I made some major changes to some of the more problematic ideas of the map. Being made in only 2 days for the 2020 72h jam i made a lot of mistakes. The second stage was rushed and the layout wasn't well thought out.

    This version was made out of spite because Defcon took the idea of a gondola lift station and made it good. In spite i made one too and ended up making the rest of the update.

    Here is an incomplete change log :
    - Made the courtyard at B way shorter (S1).
    - Changed how red gets out of the exit on the left with a death pit (S1).
    - Added a highground building that has no reason being there around B and red spawn (S1).
    - Overhauled all of Stage 2 :
    Added a death pit that is large
    Buildings.... idon't know what else to say.
    Actually red spawn on Stage 2 isn't really different
    - I made spawn detailing that are the gondola lifts stations. Just turn around on Red on Stage 1and Blu on Stage 2.
    I think people will be confused on stage 2, and i think it won't be fun but i hope it's better than what existed before...
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