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cp_traincrossing a8


  1. A new last

    -Reworked last
    -Added more decoration
    -Uncollisioned some props
  2. A few changes

    -Removed the train pits, and replaced them with a path to the upper area
    -No more 16 HU ledges
    -Removed a few props in mid to uncramp the area a bit
    -Added an additional attacker-only path to last
    -Reworked the underground prop stairs a little, still props but fully cliped, no jumping required
  3. Remove and Rework

    -Removed the Antistalemate feature, for being too confusing and probably not being useful
    -Removed the intel props, I am sorry
    -Massively reworked the underwater paths, they are no longer underwater (but you still get wet feet)
  4. Experimental Antistalemate Features and more

    -Added very experimental antistalemate features that appear when the timer counts down:
    --The mid cp loses ownership
    --Everyone has a few seconds of crits
    --Everyone is set to 1 health
    --Everyone has a few seconds of uber
    --Everyone has a few seconds of conch and mini crits
    --All cps are locked for 15 seconds
    -The effect is choosen when the timer starts, and activates when the timer reaches 0, then the time restarts
    -A symbol on the hud shows the next effect
    -If the timer is reset, a new...
  5. First feedback fixes

    -Water exits in the middle now have ramps
    -Raised a few ceilings
    -Everything is brighter now (for some reason?)
    -Respawn times are shorter and get shorter by capping mid
    -Capturing mid now resets the timer
    -Capture points are now captured slightly faster
    -Deathpits are faster now
Buy Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor for PC at Green Man Gaming