cp_regal a2

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cp_regal a2

A simple attack/defend

After a little over a year of development, (too long I know) I present, cp_regal.

This is my first map I've released outside of a 72hr jam, so hopefully it's better than the maps I made for the two jams I've participated in.

It's like 2am for me right now so I'm going to leave this pretty brief and probably just edit this later.

I talked a bit about this map here and here if you want a little more information about the map. I should note that I changed it so that it's only two control points now instead of three. Three just seemed to be too much, and unnecessary. Besides, I like the classic dustbowl 2cp vibe.
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Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 2

    Changes: -Fixed respawn times -Blu wave time set to 2 -Red wave time set to 10 -Temporary removal of water in pit, but it still functions as a deathpit. I removed because I want to re-shape it, but I didn't have enough time for the...