cp_logjam rc7


  1. A bunch of little details, but there's always more...

    Wanted to clean logjam up a bit for it's official rc7 release. Still have a couple minor issues on my list but pretty happy with it at this point.

    fixed the catwalk around last point not lining up with itself
    added trim at the big block on the right side of last
    added more trim in the upper left exit of last
    added mashed potatoe.
    added actual light props to the upper left exit of last
    added more trim in lobby
    fixed dark logs in logroom
    detailed logroom a bit more
    added trim on the concrete...
  2. A slight change on mid, last pre rc7 version.

    raised the bridge over choke and clipped it more aggressively
    replaced the big rock on mid with a shed that is better used for high ground
    fixed a floating block of concrete at last
    Fixed a broken displacement on second by spire
    fixed some several year old z-fighting on saw room exterior.
    fixed some broken trim at 2nd that was eating splash
  3. rc7pre4: a newer new logroom

  4. A new logroom

    Out with the old, in the bold!

    Logroom is different.
  5. Look, I made a bridge. And it took only like, 10 minutes.

    There's a bridge now.
  6. cp_logjam_rc6 - the next official version of logjam

  7. rc6pre2 to rc6pre3

    Making more modifications... getting closer.

    Fixed a fair amount of clipping around, should be less dumb spots.

    Biggest change was moving the arch at cave back towards cave to allow easier bombing out of cave.

    Also changed sightline blocking at last - made it a brick instead of boxes for smoother gameplay, better height, less splashbug.
  8. Look, some pictures

    Here's pictures of the current official version of cp_logjam_rc5 to be used in Ozfortress this season.

    rc6pre2 is the current WIP version.

    Note for you serious artsy mapper types out there, yes the version type is RC but it's not very polished anymore. We're messing around with finicky little competitive mapping things and I like to iterate through ideas quickly without a lot of detail, so the detail is varied throughout the map at this time. Once we're slightly more concrete, I'll do a...
  9. Trying some more stuff.

    Made some fixes from b4nny's live stream.

    - Disabled collision on a chimney above choke to remove the hilarious roamer spot.
    - Lowered the main lobby exit some more to further mitigate sightlines
    - Adjusted location of health/ammo on 2nd to space it further from lobby.
    - Removed ghost clipping and a floating block in lobby
    - Fixed a glitched out areaportal in the roof of lobby.
    - Adjusted a cliff wall in cave that fixed a sightline to lobby.
    - Removed glass from the last point tube.
  10. Oh my god an update

    From RC5:

    Replaced the box stairs @ 2nd with a ramp.

    Lowered the main lobby exit onto 2nd's door height to remove a silly sightline when crouched.

    Removed the blast barricade prop in lobby to give more space, less splashbug. Added a small wall on height to mimick it's sightline blocking.

    Added a window out of upper left exit of last to gain height onto point.

    Moved forward spawns at 2nd back up into the lobby building's structure.

    Removed the bigass wall from last.

    Added high ground...