cp_logjam rc12f

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cp_logjam rc12f



Currently officially rc6, WIP version is rc7pre4.

Should see official rc7 soon.

Versions B11 and B20 used in ETF2L back in 2013-2014.
Version RC5 used in Ozfortress fall 2018.
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. Updating TF2maps because I apparently forgot

    Now we've got the latest version here. See tf.tv thread for changes.
  2. jenkins, don't bore me with details

    rc10a: -fixed a hole in the floor on mid -fixed a hole in the mid bridge ceiling -removed an extra set of lights above logroom's exit on mid -raised the little roof over the upper lobby exit to make it less obvious you can't stand on it -made it...
  3. rc10: the streamlined edition

    rc10pre2 -> rc10 larger changes: -raised DA ROOF in upper lobby exit -made ramps up to the window in upper lobby exit rather than boxes -removed detail balcony on the side of mid -made choke flat ramps instead of the displacements for the sake...

Latest reviews

This was a fun map even back in early stages, I really liked playing Logjam and fits in well for tournament map lists.