cp_industrious A1 (true)

A single stage, 2 cp A/D map

  1. ChuckSpurgeon
    I'm sharing my very first map for feedback and testing!

    cp_industrious is a single stage, 2 control point, attach/defend map.

    As I develop the map, I'll workshop any narrative surrounding the map, but I envision an "industry" themed environment, similar to cp_gorge.

    In this A1, you'll see:
    • 32 spawn points
    • Mostly dev textures
    • A few game play-suggestive props
    • Signage indicating directions toward points
    • Health and ammo
    • Basic lighting, sans fixtures
    • Some info_observer cameras

    I'm prepared for whatever feedback you guys have for me, especially regarding any and all sloppiness in my map construction--some of you keep things very neat and tidy in your maps and I'd like to learn that, too.

    So, what do I need to work on for A2?

    Thanks for downloading and testing! Cheers, TF2maps.net!

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