Mann Food_a3

Mann Food_a3 pl_mann_food_a3

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Mann Food_a3 pl_mann_food_a3

Soylent Gray is made of Mercs!

Blu has discovered that Red's new MRE's, "Soylent Gray," are made of mercs! Join Blu to deliver a bomb and put a stop to their grotesque production. Or, join Red and keep Blu from exposing the secret that...Soylent Gray is made of MERCS!

My first payload map. When this someday moves to art passes, the Soylent Gray storyline will be more apparent. Hoping this first alpha release is playable and holds potential.

Thanks for playing!
First release
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Latest updates

  1. PL Mann Food: version A3

    After some very extensive and helpful feedback, here's A3. Pushed back back Red spawns, making it take longer for defenders to get to the point. Red's initial spawn now dumps out further away from cp B and sentries should be more easily...
  2. Mann Foord A2

    Change log: Minor over-scaling complaints in A1--"smallened" much of the map, including a long, confusing first area route, Blu's initial spawn, and other areas. Fixed Red's initial spawn and made routes more clear. Added more signage to make...
  3. Because Linux servers...

    Updated with lower case "a" in file name.