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Multi Stage CP_Hopper a5

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Multi Stage CP_Hopper a5

Multistage CP map

A Multistage Attack and Defense map. Currently only has the first stage, but will eventually have 3 stages.

Capture points are close and rounds are meant to be fairly short.

Set in a granary theme.

20181020233333_1.jpg 20181020233344_1.jpg 20181020233406_1.jpg
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. cp_hopper_a5

    -Added more shelter in the first point to make it a little bit easier to defend. -Added an additional flank on the second point and access to the top of trains -Reconfigured the containers and flanks on the third point. -Adjusted readability of...
  2. cp_hopper_a4

    Adjusted scale and sightlines on first and last point Added more cover on first point and adjusted red's first spawn. Made last have a bit more cover for red.
  3. uploaded wrong bsp

    uploaded wrong bsp