cp_hid a3a

snowy A/D CP map

  1. cp_hid_a3a (hotfix)

    -Fixed Red being able to open Blue spawn doors
    -Fixed time not adding after you cap first point
    -Fixed a texture glitch
  2. cp_hid_a3

    -Moved few pickups around (Blue Spawn --> A)
    -Shrunk lobby (Left Blue Spawn exit) and removed exit to A
    -Added small structure on way to A
    -Fixed a few sightlines on last
    -Took some height advantage off from Blue on last
    -Changed exit positions on Red Spawn
    -Changed exit positions on Blue's forward spawn
    -Added a one-way door from A to B but more like one-way window, dont fall
    -Added small healthpack and ammopack in lobby (Left...
  3. cp_hid_a2


    /I've made so many changes and I didnt note any/

    Here are most important changes:
    -Changed layout on: Blue spawn, Blue exit, Last,
    -Fixed some props being non-solid/fading bad/being misplaced
    -A -> B has now less height variation
    -Added second spawn for Blue Team
    -Added a few flanks