cp_hazyfort RC6

Autumn Castle Village with farmland

  1. RC6

    changed bell tower cooldown to 3 seconds.
    fixed rc5
  2. RC5

    Added playerclips inside the bushes to prevent players from completely hiding in it.
    Fixed a visual glitch like the sewer.
    Download now includes a nav file if you want to play with bots.
  3. RC4

    slightly improved visuals.
    fixed clipping for some parts.
    turned some areaportals to areaportalwindows.
    added some clipping.
  4. rc3

    changed some aesthetics stuff
    added forcerespawn for red when the first point is capped.
    extended timer after the first is capped
  5. RC2

    Packed soundscape because it was missing in RC1
  6. RC1

    fixed some collisions and a visual glitch
  7. RC

    I feel like I can finally push this. This doesnt mean that I wont update anymore but it is more or less finished.

    Fixed a visible nodraw.
  8. b9 but without leaks

    no leaks now. Visual glitches, lighting issues and a bit of decorations here and there. Increased size of some doors
  9. b7 Final Beta?

    3d skybox and general aesthetic improvements.
  10. b5

    Removed the stair path under the red balcony because it was too strong to play pyro as blue and use the path. Almost no players expected a pyro or a heavy to pop out and the unexpected red players would just instantly die. If a heavy medic pair just turtled there, red is completely denied from using the ground floor which was just bad.

    Added stairs to allow rotation between the water flank and the house. This was done to compensate the removed staircase.