Hazyfort RC6

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Hazyfort RC6

Autumn Castle Village with farmland

Welcome to Hazyfort, a formally heavily fortified castle. Now it is a booming agricultural town. RED thought it was a good idea to use the castle as a rocket base and now mercenaries of BLU will have to take control of this base before RED actually tries to fire a Heavy High-Orbit Rocket in the middle of a well-populated town.


Map Entry for Connect 5 Contest

My choice:

Custom contents not made by me are from these nice packs:
Construction Pack
Frontline Pack
Overgrown Pack
Autumnal Pack
Moonshine Content pack
Arabian Market Pack by Chemical Alia
Fall Oak Trees by Void
Emporium Vehicle Pack
Modular Granary Conveyors by Freyja
Round Hay Bale by MaccyF

Thank you for all the fellas who made those contents. This map might not be as complete as it is right now if these didnt exist.

Also thank you for all the people who joined during the playtest session of this map and left some useful feedbacks. Highly appreciated as always.

This is my first map that reached the Release Candidate stage. It was quite a journey to get here but I am glad that I completed this.

Screenshots of the map: version RC6

Please don’t use the workshop version for judging.
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. RC6

    changed bell tower cooldown to 3 seconds. fixed rc5
  2. RC5

    Added playerclips inside the bushes to prevent players from completely hiding in it. Fixed a visual glitch like the sewer. Download now includes a nav file if you want to play with bots.
  3. RC4

    slightly improved visuals. fixed clipping for some parts. turned some areaportals to areaportalwindows. added some clipping.

Latest reviews

Map is more polished than it's ever been. All there is left to do now is to add MOTD photos (materials/vgui/maps/menu_photos_cp_hazyfort_rc3.vtf/.vmt) and pack a navigation mesh into the map.
oh its getting an rc4 real soon.
Call me crazy but there are still absolutely no soundscapes on the map. Are you sure that your soundscape script is packed and that there is no difference between the script names and the soundscape names used in Hammer?
I'm not sure why, but soundscapes are still completely absent in just this map.
Layout is a bit confusing and there are no soundscapes, but overall a really pretty and intriguing map. I also suggest giving some hallways small entrances so the map is custom-gamemode viable.
It should have the soundscape. I made it and I am pretty sure it was packed