cp_haddou rc2

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-Added a second exit from the Blu spawn to help prevent choking hazards.

-Removed fountain model and replaced it with a pedestal model to make it easier to jump on/maneuver around near the final point. (Your fountain model is beautiful, EArkham. I am sad to remove it).

-Moved palm tree near the back of the curved divider beside the final point. (I found that backing up along the divider you ended up getting caught on the tree).

-Added a clipping brush to all but one of the market stand models so you don't get stuck rubbing against them.

-Removed the majority of the hip-high wall near the final point so increased maneuverability.

-Removed market stand from the Gardens area near the final Point to increase maneuverability.

-Rotated the palm tree in the middle of the Gardens area to make it easier for a class like Scout to jump onto the smaller hedges before jumping onto the higher hedges.

-Added a medium healthpack into the tunnel that connects from the broken down tower route to the final point.

-Moved Palm tree that was above the first point slightly to help prevent getting caught up against it.

-Removed 'L' shaped hedge from above and behind the first point. Raised the ground to match the slope to effectively create more ground to easily move on.

-Increased the height of the building above and behind the first point and removed some straw roof ends to increase maneuverability.

-Moved the indoor market in the lobby near Blu spawn exit into the wall to increase maneuverability.

-Changed the majority of prop urns from solid to not-solid in major areas to increase maneuverability.

-Changed/added a new texture for the building behind and above the first point to help refresh the visuals. Also added some wooden supports to the corners of buildings I found were too noisy/hard to see the edges of.

Album: http://imgur.com/a/WvE7p (basically same screenshot angles)


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