cp_freightline a9

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It's update time!



Overview of changes

  • Redid spawns completely.
  • Halved all of the spawn times as a "that'll do" fix. I'll do it properlike next version if need be.
  • Made medium changes to A.
  • Small changes to around B.
  • Remade pretty much everything after B.
Specific changes

  • Added white planks around the door frames.
  • Redid the wooden boards/walls to be more consistent and to look better.
  • Added cubemaps.
Before A
  • Added some very minor detailing.
  • Added a new elevated exit that looks onto the slope leading up to A.
  • Changed Blu's first spawn so that there's a ramp up to it. Subsequently Blu now has a small high ground when coming out of spawn.
Around A
  • Altered the building where Red's old first spawn was is now a powerful sentry spot/high ground above A point. Still kept the one-way door though, as I feel it should make the area more interesting. Got a wee bit of detailing in the upstairs bit too.
  • Altered the larger part of the building where Blu's weird old forward spawn is so it's now out of bounds for the most part. However, I have added a new side route that goes through it onto A point.
  • Altered the smaller part of the building where Blu's weird old forward spawn so it's now a room with a masher. Over this masher is a plank of wood with a small health kit on it. Precariously near the point, I might add.
  • Added lighting underneath the alcove that the building that Red's old first spawn has.
  • Added a pillar in the middle of the lower part of the building that used to be Blu's old spawn.
  • Removed the stairs up to Blu's old spawn.
  • Removed the small health on the purple plank that goes onto A.
After A/Before B
  • Added a wooden board before the entrance to the route that goes onto A point.
  • Added a prop jump up to the ledge that has the two routes that lead up to the point.
  • Added some big industrial windows that would look into Blu's old forward spawn (if it still existed).
  • Added some lighting underneath the underpass that leads to B.
  • Added a small, bold and brash purple plank.
Around B
  • Added Blu's new forward spawn. It's built into a pre-existing building that's just about big enough.
  • Added lighting underneath the walkway.
  • Removed an old slope that led to nothing (that I thought would be used as a decloaking space for spies). It's been replaced with a low building that has barbed wire on its roof to stop people from thinking you can jump up there.
  • Removed a box near the underpass to C.
After B/Before C
  • Removed Everything onwards from this point.
  • Added Red's first spawn.
  • Added a freight container with a prop jump to the top of it. On the said container, there is a small health kit.
  • Added a small shed building with a roof you can get on.
  • Altered the scaffolding/walkway on the other side of the underpass that goes towards C so it's wider and has more cover from potential sightlines.
  • Added some signs that direct Red where to go that will disappear once B is capped
  • Added a building that acts as the entrance to the main paths through to C. It has some nice dormer windows; the angled dormer windows were very fiddly to make but look good I'd say.
  • Added a route underneath C point that opens only when B is capped, I did this because it would be enticing to Red players coming out of Red's first spawn if it was able to be accessed at first.
Around C
  • Added cover on the edge of the point so that you can't immediately shoot at attackers coming out of an exit.
  • Added a decloaking spot for spies underneath an alcove.
  • Added a small route that goes underneath Red's spawn. Should allow for easier movement in that area for the defenders, at the cost of being in a very tight area if they are caught.
  • Added an area that I expect to be a good sentry spot.
  • Added a prop jump up to said spot.
  • Added a freight truck for a bit of cover for said spot.
  • Added some wooden boards around the higher spawn exit to give defenders some breathing room.
  • Added a big "Red Bread" decal to a wall out of bounds.
  • Added a copy of those industrial windows to an out of bounds building.
  • Removed a conveyor that went over the train tracks. (Will probably re-add, but I wanted to get this out the door)
Cool things
  • I really like the way I've done the spawns that change throughout the round: I've made a nonsolid, fake door with the no entry sign texture that is in exactly the same place as the actual door brush entity. I disable it/enable it when need be. I also have signs above the doors which are dynamic props which I can enable and disable.
  • There is a bunch of barrels you can jump off as the Scout to get onto C quickly.
  • I plan to add a new, map-wide detail every version. Such as struts in the ceilings or lamps or telephone poles or something.

This was a huge ass update. I don't know if I'll be able to work on this map for a while but we'll see. I hope it plays well is all.