cp_freightline a9

Having another bash at 3cp a/d

  1. I dinne ken
    Another 3CP map, took me around 3ish weeks this time.

    Contains fewer angles than cp_obtuse, but still some. B point was probably my favourite area to work on, ever. My biggest worry is probably a large sightline from B to C. Though I've done things to combat it.

    Don't know if I'll be able to update this too regularly for a while after I post a1. Got prelims and exams I need to worry about. But we shall see.

    Was called cp_glory in the WiP thread.


    20190701203851_1.jpg 20190701203853_1.jpg 20190701203840_1.jpg 20190701203844_1.jpg 20190701203847_1.jpg 20190626000217_1.jpg 20190701203854_1.jpg 20190701203858_1.jpg
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