cp_firedrum a3

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cp_firedrum a3

snow and new york

I made another CP map. Are you happy?

I tried to be more deliberate with my design this time. Not making areas for the sake of making areas, but thinking about how they'll play. Hopefully it shows.

It's also got trains and snow in it.

Formerly called cp_red_slope.
I dinne ken
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Attack/Defense CP
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Latest updates

  1. Compilepal woes

    Compilepal V26 screwed up a2. So now I compiled it in Compilepal V27.
  2. Fixes and slight alterations

    A2 Overview of changes Changed the name to cp_firedrum. (Because of the firedrums I've added). Hopefully fixed some spawn room shenanigans. Lowered Blue's respawn time across the board. Map-wide changes Added oil drums with fire in them...
  3. Silly me

    Forgot to give it a version string.