72hr Jam 2022 cp_bodywash 2017-02-13

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72hr Jam 2022 cp_bodywash 2017-02-13

broken joke map made in a rush

so yeah, i didn't hear about this going on until the last sixteen hours or so, then i wracked my brain for a while figuring out what to do for it, i eventually remembered this reddit comment https://www.reddit.com/r/tf2/commen...reskin_of_pl_hoodoo_where_the_ground/d5tknn5/

I probably spent the first hour relearning how to use hammer, how to decompile maps and import textures, and then the next seven trying to get the two doors leading to each team's second control point to let people pass through them. The door itself raises, but there's still an invisible wall there, projectiles also can't pass through. Everything I've tried to do to fix this has failed, removing the door parts entirely, setting every part to open by default, rewiring the triggers, but i guess i'm just dumb, probably missing something incredibly obvious. Anyway, it's now 3:16 AM, I'm falling asleep in my chair, so I'm going to go to sleep. I'm really sorry.

When I wake up, if anyone has any suggestions as to what to do to fix the issue, I'll gladly try them and update the map as soon as possible, thank you.

old spice is owned by old spice, gullywash was made by this guy https://tf2maps.net/members/arnold.1926/

put the vmt/vtf files in your tf2 materials folder, that should make everything load properly... i think... i don't have any friends awake to test things with me, so sorry.



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