cp_acadia b10

A compact 2-stage CP map

  1. Red team nerfed

    Dead Plant
    - Red team's main route will only open after the first point is capped
    - Final cap is now sunk into the ground instead of raised up, and its capture time has been reduced, as well as capture area increased
    - Several overpowered sentry spots at final cap have been blocked off
    - Red now has access to their entire catwalk without it being divided in the middle
    - Blue's first spawn has been given attack/defense style doors that stay open

    If Blue team can't win after all this I swear I'm giving...
  2. Blu can actually win now

    Dead Plant
    - Added a second spawn for Blu that is unlocked after the first point

    - The stairs were clipped this whole time, I just forgot they were hidden in my first compile I swear

    - Moved around healthpacks to be more advantageous to Blu

    - Other small reccomendations made by the testers on the TF2maps server