CP Adamello V2 A17

Oh look, it's another jam entry!

  1. CP Adamello 2 A4

  2. CP Adamello 2 A3

  3. CP Adamello 2 A2

    Fixed the display message saying payload
    Moved a large ammo pack to a more reasonable place
    Simplified the routes to B
    Fixed a slight displacement issue near bluespawn
    Changed the size of the capzone on A
    Removed some windows on last to reduce the info red can get about who is going along what path
    Added a second exit to blue's forward spawn
  4. CP Adamello 2 A1

    This is a complete redesign to Adamello taking in a lot of the feedback from the last version. Scaling has been changed to be more along the lines of Gorge. Enjoy!
  5. CP Adamello A2

    Added respawn visualizers (woopsy!)
    Fixed a logic issue causing blue's respawn to be stupidly long
    Changed cap times
    Added some side cover to the highground overlooking B
    Added a doorway to the transistion building after bluespawn
    Fixed a sightline in the transition building to A
    Fixed a sightline on A into the transition building
    Added cover to last