Cowbell A2

Set on a farm, weave in and out of buidlings, hop between rooftops and secure the point!

  1. FloofCollie
    Hopefully, this'll be my first finished map!
    All aesthetics are placeholders! Most of the layout is subject to chopping and changing, too.

    Cowbell - a King of the Hill map inspired by Lakeside, Viaduct and all those farm maps! Soon to be included - cows!

    PS. there are lots of visible seams in the floor, Nodraw faces, etc.
    This is a first draft, so bear that in mind!


    1. koth_firstmap_a10001.jpg
    2. koth_firstmap_a10002.jpg
    3. koth_firstmap_a10003.jpg
    4. koth_firstmap_a10004.jpg
    5. koth_firstmap_a10005.jpg
    6. koth_firstmap_a10006.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Cowbell updated! It's a (kinda) big one!