Connection a7

City Streets

  1. The Segment Update

    After fixing the extreme height variations, I can finally dive into the layout itself. Most people are saying that it is difficult to navigate, so I'm going to try some experimental changes that I'll just get rid of if they fail.

    - Segmented the spawn side of the main route into two courtyards so that the main route is no longer a giant corridor
    - Made the route into the lower floor of the U building a drop down to prevent easy access into enemy side of the map
    - Added stairs to connect the...
  2. The Big Change

    - Redid courtyard
    - Reworked main route to have a more natural flow
    - Redid route from courtyard to mid to be less direct
    - Redid top floor of mid building to make it less powerful to hold
    - Lowered room in U shaped building next to the point
    - Removed a corridor that connected this room to the team sides of the U shaped building
    - Removed indoor entrance to team sides of the U shaped building
    - Lowered catwalks
    - Adjusted pickups accordingly
  3. Mid Building Balance

    - Changed spiral staircase room into a ramp in the courtyard
    - Added another route to top of mid building
    - Changed spawns a little
    - Made rooms in the U building more spacious
    - Moved health and ammo around
  4. Scaling Fix 2: Electric Boogaloo

    - Shrunk the map vertically
    - Moved spawn slightly forward
    - Redid spawn side of U-shaped building to have a more natural flow
    - Reoriented the spawns to guide players toward the fastest route, rather than the street route
    - Redid spawns
    - Moved some health and ammo packs
    - Slightly widened catwalks
  5. Scaling Fix

    - Moved small health kit next to medium health kit on sniper balcony
    - Reworked U-shaped building so that walk times to get to catwalks are shorter
    - Shrunk courtyard so that walk times to get to catwalks are shorter
    - Lowered catwalks
    - Redid top of mid building to make it more difficult for people to camp
    - Changed some props

    I promise, that's not half life ambience. It's just the kong king soundscape.
  6. Main Route Fix

    - Moved one spawn exit to lowest level
    - Redid route connecting courtyard to cap to block sightlines
    - Slightly widened catwalks
    - Changed large health kit to medium
    - Fixed untextured part of a ramp
    - Made spiral staircase into a room rather than cramped hallway
    - Edited timing on spawn doors
    - Reworked the main route so it isn't as flat and boring
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