Connection a7

City Streets

  1. The Segment Update

    After fixing the extreme height variations, I can finally dive into the layout itself. Most people are saying that it is difficult to navigate, so I'm going to try some experimental changes that I'll just get rid of if they fail.

    - Segmented the spawn side of the main route into two courtyards so that the main route is no longer a giant corridor
    - Made the route into the lower floor of the U building a drop down to prevent easy access into enemy side of the map
    - Added stairs to connect the main route with the ledge alongside the U building
    - Remade spawns and spawn courtyard to properly direct flow
    - Made the outer courtyard direct flow better
    - Made the tunnel that connects the outer courtyard to mid come out at the patio, also raised the roof of this tunnel
    - Removed the catwalks directly over mid
    - Adjusted pickups as needed, and added small health and ammo at stairs that lead to upper floor of U building
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