Composite A3

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-Fixed points being award to teams on capture instead of on round win
-Lowered RED's timer from 6 minutes to 4 minutes
-Increased RED's respawn time across the board by 2 seconds
-Adjusted cover through top of RED lobby to block sightlines into RED's spawn
-Clipping adjustments
-Other minor stuff

Allowing Medic and Engieneers to build faster will most likely require plugins until a proper solution can be found. Again, if anyone knows how to fix the issue without plugins, that'd be epic.
Fixed missing door on BLU spawn (thanks Obama)
-Removed logic elements that caused koth configs to run stopwatch for seemingly no reason
-Fixed weird BLU timer
-Pushed RED lobby back from point a bit
-Added upper exit from RED lobby connected to opposite side of lobby with a bridge
-Added a fourth route to point from RED side, completely disconnected from main RED lobby; roof of the aforementioned route's exit to point is accessible
-Closed 2/3 windows on the top floor of House and made the windows on the middle opaque
-Added a second exit from BLU's garage that goes further up the hill, ie closer to the point
-Adjusted clutter near BLU spawn to reduce effectiveness of sniper sightline down Main
-Changed BLU setup gates to shutters that unlock when setup ends (ie, they're shutters instead of permanently-open doorways)
-Adjusted cover on point
-Several clipping changes/fixes
-Changed snow to a custom snow texture that doesn't create particles when walked on (Thanks Kevin!)

Currently, m_bInSetup, the thing responsible for engineers being able to upgrade buildings twice as fast and medics build uber faster during setup, does not work properly without server plugins. This problem also exists on cp_sulfur, whos logic was the basis for the prefab I used to make Composite. If anyone knows a fix for this problem that doesn't require bandaid plugins, please let me know.
-fixed needing to crouch to exit out of RED's spawn from the front
-removed awful slanted roof from BLU spawn building and adjusted geometry of diagonal building nearby to compensate (the roof was originally added to block a sightline into spawn, but after actually using my brain for a second, i realized it'd make far more sense to adjust the actual doorways that were causing the problem instead of adding a janky bandaid solution)