Composite A3

Experimental koth / a/d hybrid set in a snowy city.

  1. Mâché
    This map is essentially an asymmetrical koth map that leans more into a/d territory than other asymmetrical koths. RED owns the point by default, starts with twice as much time on the clock (6 minutes to BLU's 3 minutes), and has a minute of setup time. This map, oddly enough, is going to be geared more towards competitive play, but was inspired by Freyja's awesome steeltype map, cp_sulfur.

    20200820210058_1.jpg 20200820205858_1.jpg 20200820205946_1.jpg 20200820210027_1.jpg 20200820205916_1.jpg 20200820205923_1.jpg 20200820210227_1.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Thanks, TestCO!
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