Colliery A11a

RED Coal mine with some shady secrets

  1. TheNotoriousTEK
    cp_colliery is a single-stage Attack/Defend control point map that takes place in a "coal mine." What BLU has discovered about said coal mine, is that it is hiding a RED missile silo!

    Hope you enjoy, and please provide feedback.

    (Very pretty) skybox texture made by DaBeatzProject

    2016-01-05_00008.jpg 2016-01-05_00001.jpg 2016-01-05_00003.jpg 2016-01-05_00004.jpg 2016-01-05_00005.jpg 2016-01-05_00007.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. 1/9/16 (A11a)
  2. 1//5/16 (A11)
  3. 1/3/16 (A10)

Recent Reviews

  1. Dovahbilly
    Version: A11a
    Played this during the gameday. Decent enough map, a lot of potential but definitely can still be improved upon. Very pretty though.