Colliery A11a

RED Coal mine with some shady secrets

  1. 1/9/16 (A11a)

    Quick update
    -Improved clipping
    -Lowered ceilings of sneak routes in caverns for the mine shaft feel
    -Moved the balcony in A towards BLU spawn a bit
    -Changed a few props

    -Removed a random env_cubemap sitting in the void (no idea how it got there)
  2. 1//5/16 (A11)

    What's the highest alpha version in existence?

    -Added a small balcony overlooking the A cavern
    -Added another flank hallway in the control room
    -Made the BLU spawn not look boring and lame

    -Added ducks
  3. 1/3/16 (A10)

    "Most likely the last alpha update"

    Nope I lied

    -Removed the right hallway completely
    -Removed the left entrance to the balcony
    -Extended the left hallway to the back of the upper control room
    -Extended the computer island to give more cover
    -Changed the lower control room into a corridor
    -Added a little alcove for people to duck in the lower corridor
    -Made it so people can shoot through the railings properly
    -Slightly increased the cap time for B
    -Decreased RED...
  4. Skybox fix...

    -Fixed the skybox not working
  5. 1/1/16 (A9)

    Most likely the last alpha update

    -Increased the cap time of A
    -Fixed some shadows
  6. 12/31/15 (A8)

    -Reuploaded WITH custom skybox texture packed into the .bsp
    -Added a pipe running along the back wall of B
    -Fixed Engineers being able to build on A
  7. 12/31/15 (A7)

    -The one-way door in the right hallway is back at normal level. It will also stay open after BLU caps A
    -Added a small health and ammo pickup near the entrances to the balcony
    -Changed some of the cap times
    -Changed some of the respawn times
    -Applied some textures
  8. 12/30/15 (A6)

    -Removed elevator for last point. Couldn't get it to work properly, so the point will just stay at the bottom.
    -Elevated the one-way door in the right hallway
    -Redid the BLU forward spawn to fit the mining theme better
    -Changed the skybox texture (credit to DaBeatzProject for making this texture)
  9. 12/29/15 (A5)

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the gameday to help test and give feedback!


    Major changes:
    -The lower left exit for BLU has been raised to meet the ledge that overlooks the first cave area.
    -Point B is now an elevator! When BLU starts to cap, it will raise until it reaches the top.
    -The alcove that was below the point originally is now gone, and the pickups have been moved to under the stairs (they are also small/small now under both...​
  10. 12/27/15 (A4)

    Big changes...

    -Removed the right hallway route
    -Replaced said hallway with a ramp leading up to a new balcony overlooking the rocket room
    -Added another route to the balcony in the left flank route

    2015-12-27_00003.jpg 2015-12-27_00002.jpg