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Frostbite A3

Top secret RED Base in a frozen battlefield

  1. TheNotoriousTEK
    Hello! Today, I bring you my first (serious) map for TF2!

    This is FROSTBITE, a single-stage linear attack/defend control point map.

    The map is set in a freezing valley of some sort with a blizzard raging on. RED has built a top-secret scalar weapon and has hidden it behind a totally conspicuous storage facility. BLU's job is to capture the facility so RED can't use their scalar weapon.

    As I mentioned before, this is my first serious map for TF2, so there are bound to be (lots of) mistakes! I have not had much time to work on this; creating this map took around 5 months, so I haven't gotten to everything. Please let me know of any bugs and glitches. I am also open to constructive criticism! I have no clue how the balance of the map works, and how it will play out with real people (because bots are dumb and can't do anything smart).

    Still need to do:
    -Optimization (not a big map, shouldn't lag)
    -Add more details

    2015-12-16_00014.jpg 2015-12-16_00013.jpg 2015-12-16_00012.jpg 2015-12-16_00011.jpg 2015-12-16_00010.jpg 2015-12-16_00009.jpg 2015-12-16_00008.jpg 2015-12-16_00007.jpg 2015-12-16_00006.jpg 2015-12-16_00005.jpg 2015-12-16_00004.jpg 2015-12-16_00003.jpg 2015-12-16_00002.jpg

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  1. 12/26/15 (A3)