Coastal Caves a3d

A harbor inside a cavern

  1. Removing a capital letter

    title says it all
  2. string change

    Forgot to change it to a3c
  3. Name changing, leak plugging and opening

    Changelog: New name. Map is now called coastal caves because portside is already the name of a map.

    Biggest change: there's now water in the open area. (water level is at 24hu)

    Geometry changes:
    -added a 32 hu tall bump with ramps at the exit of the sewers
    - removed the 16hu by 16hu pillar that was in the lower deck of the ship where the medium health kit is.
    -The 2 minecarts are now properly angled on both side
    -The middle entrance to the point is now larger (don't remember the exact...