Coastal Caves

KotH Coastal Caves a3d

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Aug 11, 2018
Portside - A harbor inside a cavern

First version of the map.

things I know has issues:
-lack of no draw outside the map
-lack of light behind the boats
-lack of spectator camera
-Lack of pictures of this map right now


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Aug 11, 2018
Changelog: New name. Map is now called coastal caves because portside is already the name of a map.

Biggest change: there's now water in the open area. (water level is at 24hu)

Geometry changes:
-added a 32 hu tall bump with ramps at the exit of the sewers
- removed the 16hu by 16hu pillar that was in the lower deck of the ship where the medium health kit is.
-The 2 minecarts are now properly angled on both side
-The middle entrance to the point is now larger (don't remember the exact measurements)
-The brick wall near the point is now gone and has been replaced by a small crate
-The entrances to the point from the break/snack room is now larger
-Removed some props at the path behind the boat
-Removed the metal fence walls in the sewer room (meaning that pathway isn't a corridor between the 2 other paths)
-the 256hu tall wall on the upper deck of the boat is now 128hu like all the others
-removed some crates/barrels in the back part of the upper deck of the boat.

Pickup changes:
-The small hp kit behind the boat is now medium
-The small ammo kit near the point is now floating around 32hu higher due the added water.
-Added a small hp kit on the upper deck of the boat (located at the front of the boat opposite to the small ammo kit)

Other changes:
-One spawn door at each spawn is now a glass wall.
-Respawning is a bit faster now for the team without the hill
-Fixed a leak that was happening at the sewer entrance of both teams.
-The Frog is still on the map

Things not touched on:
-Light (due to the changed textures in each team caves section and due to the leak being there in the past version)
-Size issues. This is about the fact that one it's possible to not see the top of the cavern on the enemy side on some spots. might just make it into a skybox.

Other stuff: You'll see 20 images in the rest of this uptade post. The first ten are about the map with the other 10 being the same but with text written over it to help showcase where the changes were made
middle with info.jpg
open area back path.jpg
upper deck.jpg
lower deck.jpg
abandonned sewer exit.jpg
main inside path.jpg
sewer room.jpg
Spawn courtyard.jpg
snack room.jpg
that area.jpg

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