Coastal Caves

Coastal Caves a3d

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Coastal Caves a3d

A harbor inside a cavern

First version of the map.

things I know has issues:
-lack of no draw outside the map
-lack of light behind the boats
-lack of spectator camera
-Lack of pictures of this map right now

PS. Map name was previously portside but a map already had that name. Will be coastal caves for the time being (could also be coastal coves but I already change the map name once)
First release
Last update
King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Removing a capital letter

    title says it all
  2. string change

    Forgot to change it to a3c
  3. Name changing, leak plugging and opening

    Changelog: New name. Map is now called coastal caves because portside is already the name of a map. Biggest change: there's now water in the open area. (water level is at 24hu) Geometry changes: -added a 32 hu tall bump with ramps at the exit...

Latest reviews

for me, the layout is fun, the concept is interesting, it's all just amazing
glad you enjoyed the map