Circus (Nucleus Event) a3

Event version of Nucleus that takes place in a circus big top tent

  1. Mode change

    Diva Dan
    • Map is now Player Destruction
      • 30 second capture period, 45 second fight period
      • At the end of every capture period, the point will close and suffocate anyone inside
      • There will then be a re-roll that determines an effect the hoop will provide
        • Speed (6s)
        • Mini-crits (6s)
        • Underworld Portal (surviving hell awards you with a buff and a core)
        • Bonus Ducks (gain a core)
        • Ubercharge (4s)
      • Each effect has a text prompt on the screen and a...
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  2. Bongo Time

    Diva Dan
    • Added more walls and spikes to some of the roofs
      • These walls should still keep jumping onto the roofs fun and viable, but limit the vision of people and sentries
    • Reworked the Bonzo pit
      • Bonzo will no longer bounce you back up, instead, there are 4 circiling bongo drums in the pit
      • These drums slowly spin around the center point, and knock you back onto the battle field, away from the capture point
    • New Respawn room visualizer placement...
  3. Bongo Time

    Diva Dan
    • Adjusted respawn room visualizers