Circus  (Nucleus Event)

Circus (Nucleus Event) b3

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Circus B3
  • Massively improved FPS
  • Fixed props popping in and out
  • Changed color of underworld smoke particles to better fit the gas
  • Slightly reduced laughing gas damage
  • Shifted geometry around each team's battlements to make stairs less campable
  • Detailing tweaks
Circus B2

  • Improved FPS
  • Added a sprite above the mid portal, pointing players to where they should take cores
  • Reduced max health buff in the Clown Core
  • Added steam that boosts players up to the exit portal when the Clown Core closes
  • Added red fog that signifies the Laughing Gas
  • Reduced DPS of the Laughing Gas
  • Updated the HUD to make it compatible with custom HUDs (Thanks Aar!)
  • The Clown Core now stays open 15 less, and downtime is active for 15 seconds longer
  • Added new HUD icons for when the portal to the Clown Core is active and inactive
  • Fixed erroneous clip brushes that caused players to bump their heads when using jump pads

Circus b1​


  • Remade the hoop
    • The hoop is no longer the capture area
    • The hoop now grants cores for successfully jumping through, like a6
    • Replaced the large health kit inside The Hoop with a model of the new pickup, "Funny Bones"
    • The Hoop now provides a quickheal buff
  • Remade the underworld
    • The underworld is now the capture area
    • Fight enemies in a big arena with increased fire rate, reload speed, run speed, max health, and spells
    • Deposit Funny Bones at the Clown Core in the center of the are
    • Enter the Clown Core's portal to exit the underworld at any time
    • When the underworld closes, all pickups are disabled, and players must exit to avoid being choked by Laughing Gas
  • Changed the Jump Pads
    • Added green gradients around active jump pads
    • Adjusted jump pad triggers to prevent bumping your head as often
    • Jump pads now give knockback immunity for 1.5 seconds
    • Added green steam particles when jump pads are used, so you can more easily tell where jumping players are coming from
    • Added handrails that appear/disable when the jump pads disable/enable, respective
  • Replaced the fortune teller with a large screen that displays the underworld like a cage match
  • Changed event timings from 45 seconds to 60 secon
  • Points per player requirement changed from 4 to 6
  • Doubled the speed of the bridges at mid
  • Replaced stun-roofs with proper clipping and slopes
  • Removed janky halloween fences that were restricting air movement
  • Reclipped some railings across the map
  • Widened a few gameplay spaces
  • Detailing








  • Added music to the kart race
  • Fixed some displacements clipping through the track on the kart race
  • Fixed incorrect fog being enabled when dying in the kart race
  • Fixed poles at mid being too dark
  • Redid scoring mechanic and the hoop
    • The capture zone has been replaced with an underworld portal that occasionally lets players into the bumper kart race underworld
    • The hoop is now the capture zone, which is always active, taking 5 cores at once
  • Removed the hoop effect re-roll mechanic
  • The hoop now applies a universal quickheal and speed buff
  • Reworked the jump pads
    • The pads on each side of the map now alternate every time the portal to hell closes
    • Active jump pads now have a green outline
  • Redid middle platform
    • Replaced the control point container with a pole that raises and lowers
    • When the pole lowers, the Kart Race portal takes its place
    • Removed ghosts
  • Changed environment lighting and fog to aid team recognition
  • Replaced hammers in race track with more pumpkin bombs
  • Fixed incorrect respawn room triggers on red team
  • The score requirement per player has been decreased from 5 to 4
  • Stun duration from roof ghosts is now much shorter
  • Added push triggers and clips around some of the jump pad destinations
    • Players will enter the destinations a little easier
    • Prevents snipers from standing in unfair spots
  • Added collisions to underworld circus tents to prevent players flying through them
  • Moved underworld exit teleporters further up to prevent cores sometimes being dropped
  • Reduced height of some fences to make air strafing easier
  • Adjusted fog to aid player visibility
  • Replaced hell with a custom kart track
    • The track is full of hazards, health, and boost pads
    • Avoid getting knocked off by enemy racers
    • Reach the end of the track without dying to gain a bonus duck and buffs
  • Tweaked the capture zone
    • The control point will now sound an alarm before closing
    • Added more cover from the rooves while capturing
  • Brightened some lighting across the map
  • Remade the bonzo pit
  • Added more team coloring to each side of the map
  • Added a roof above some of each team's bases to make bombing harder
  • The score requirement per player has been increased from 3 to 5
  • Nobuilt the bridges that connect the center point
  • Fixed bongos only playing their launch particle only once
  • Adjusted some stun triggers to reduce unintentional spooking
  • Added some fences on some rooves to reduce cheesing
  • Fixed the capture zone roof not always stunning players
Circus A4 Notes
  • Added more spawn exits for each team
    • You now spawn outside the map in front of 3 traincars
    • Each open cab on the train represents a spawn exit you can select, including two new spawns for each team
    • Stepping in a train car will teleport you to the appropriate spawn and give you a brief duration of ubercharge and speed to combat spawn camping
    • You can walk backwards in any spawnroom to take yourself back to the traincars
  • Lowered respawn times from wavetime 4 to 3
  • Added arrow sprite above the point and a cap base prop when the core capture zone is open
  • Extended the time the capture zone is open to 45 seconds (previously 30 seconds)
  • The Hoop will no longer start with an effect, so players have time to acclimate to it before the random effects start happening
  • Added more ghosts that will spook you if you try to camp on various roofs on the map
  • Fixed up various clipping, collisions, and stuckspots
  • Adjusted hoop re-roll text to be a bit more descriptive
  • Changed the "Ubercharge" hoop event to "health", which gives you a burst of healing and can overheal. Go thru the hoop multiple times to stack it!
  • Widened some jump pad holes to make landing in them easier

  • Map is now Player Destruction
    • 30 second capture period, 45 second fight period
    • At the end of every capture period, the point will close and suffocate anyone inside
    • There will then be a re-roll that determines an effect the hoop will provide
      • Speed (6s)
      • Mini-crits (6s)
      • Underworld Portal (surviving hell awards you with a buff and a core)
      • Bonus Ducks (gain a core)
      • Ubercharge (4s)
    • Each effect has a text prompt on the screen and a unique outline inside the portal
  • Undid respawn room visualizer changes
  • Fixed cubemaps
  • Updated stairs to use block bullet colliders instead of player clips
  • Updated Railings to be non-solid and have player clip colliders
  • Removed some large walls added in a2
  • Fixed some floating balloon bombs
  • Fixed a broken trigger causing players not to be hurt when standing inside the hoop
  • Fixed missing overlays on the jump pads
  • Various details
  • Added more walls and spikes to some of the roofs
    • These walls should still keep jumping onto the roofs fun and viable, but limit the vision of people and sentries
  • Reworked the Bonzo pit
    • Bonzo will no longer bounce you back up, instead, there are 4 circiling bongo drums in the pit
    • These drums slowly spin around the center point, and knock you back onto the battle field, away from the capture point
  • New Respawn room visualizer placement
    • The invisible respawn room walls have been pushed forward for both teams
    • Placement of new barriers will hinder a flanker's rotating outside of spawn, and allow for a bit more safety when pushing out while still being open for attack
  • Jump pads updated
    • Air strafing now kicks in after around a second of flight. Players still have influence in their flight, but is slightly more predictable
    • Triggers have been made smaller to lower the chances of accidental flinging
  • Capture time has been halved
    • This change was done to encourage capturing the objective instead of dominating the enemy's spawn
  • Added a long fall pit in the main launch pad room
  • Fixed overblown light glow sprites
  • Fixed Bonzo playing his puke sounds twice
  • A ghost now rests on top of the control point roof, preventing players from attacking on top