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Chateau Event rc1

Halloween variant cp_steel

Of the two brothers, Redmond Mann always had a particular fondness for extravagant manors and mansions. So much so that he could hardly settle for just one. One such manor became a new front in the mercenary war when a nearby mine was revealed to be a BLU corpse disposal site. Many years have passed, and the decaying chateau has become haunted with the many spirits of those who died on, around, and under the property. They say that after the fighting stops, the skeletons will rise to hunt the living...

This is my first map, a Halloween-ified version of my favorite map, cp_steel. Made with permission from the maker of Steel, Fishbus! Was this the best beginner project? Probably not. This is my first run at doing anything like this, and two years later, it's just about done. It's been a journey. Although the map's technically a reskin, I've tried to make it original and interesting, without saturating gameplay with gimmicks. In it's current state, all it needs is custom HUD cp icons and a navmesh packed into the bsp.

Happy Halloween!
First release
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Attack/Defense CP
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Latest updates

  1. Release 1

    Placed into final release in anticipation of Scream Fortress. With this update comes a number of small fixes, mostly clipping. Got some sweet pictures, though.
  2. Lighting improvements and fixes

    The main point of this update was to improve the lighting. That's about it, as well as the usual list of small fixes. I've sent an email to the original makers of Steel to ask about the workshop submission.
  3. Fixes and Improvements

    Uploading this to coincide with a Workshop update. Here's a big list of improvements: - Deathpit has been shortened, have fun dying faster! It's also received a much-deserved redecoration. - Skeletons have been reduced during gameplay. Players...

Latest reviews

The map is really spooky and art is well done. I'm impressed. It really inspires me to make a better looking map!
Looks super good, I would love to see this in-game!