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Ceres (Spacedock) A5c


Map Preview:
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After the Invasion event, with many lives lost and 2Fort destroyed, Saxton Hale funded the White Mound Research Facility to construct a space fleet. By combining the doomsday device from Nucleus with alien technologies from Snowycoast, the prototype space cruiser is near completion. To test its armour durability, the mercenaries are hired to fight inside it!

Unique Features:
  • Retrofuturistic sci-fi spaceship designs from the '70s, established by Leiji Matsumoto
  • Space-themed battlefield (inspired by Asteroid)
  • Double-layer control point (inspired by Suijin and Gullywash)

Narpas --- for naming the spaceship "Australis"

In memory of Leiji Matsumoto (1938 - 2023), director & animator of Space Battleship Yamato, Galaxy Express 999, and Captain Harlock.
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

Latest updates

  1. Alpha 5 Patch C Released!

    optimized skybox
  2. Alpha 5 Patch B Released!

    rebuilt spaceship model, finally renamed spaceship to "Australis" updated hull number updated train model widened capture zone improved capture zone visibility improved roof visibility improved spawn area improved lighting fixed slope-standing...
  3. Alpha 5 Patch A Released!

    reoriented spawn again! readded no-exit sign in spawn readded some easter eggs removed HUD announcement