Catwalk 72 A3

PL map made for the 2020 72 hour jam

  1. aaa

    Last update before the Jam ends I think!
    First playtest was mixed. It caused some players to leave out of frustration which sucks, but on the plus side I got feedback like "!gf I like round door". Biggest issue was definitely D, which was a tough pill to swallow because it's the namesake of the map!
    I was surprised that people seemed to like A the most, when it was the point I threw together most carelessly towards the end of the blocking stage. 100% win rate for Blu seems to definitely show...
  2. Test

    Wasn't sure if I'd uploaded the most recent version, so this is just to make sure
  3. Super quick polish before first playtest!

    • Biggest change was to give Red a forward spawn at C so they don't have to walk all the way from last to reach A. Increased Red respawn wave time to compensate.
    • Fixed Blu forward spawnpoints always being active
    • Added small rollback zone to finale
    • Additional health and ammo to help defenders during setup time
    • Blocked D dropdown until C is captured to stop players trying to rollout into a dead end
    • Added some more cubemaps
    • Small touch-ups