Casino City B6

Try your luck on some games!

  1. Small Fixes

    Probably should have been b5a, but I already had named the vmf b6 a long time ago.

    Changlog: literally just 2 things

    • Fixed deathpit.
    • Fixed bomb getting stuck in some places.
  2. Fixed exploit. Made more noob friendly


    Fixed cliff bomb exploit.
    Fixed playing roulette without chips.
    Moved "How to Play" sign to spawn area.
    Added instructions for all games.

    Advanced increased starting money to $600.
    Advanced decreased wave 1 money to $1200.
  3. Fix Fix Fix Fix Fix

    More fixes

    • wave 1 giants spawn sooner
    • wave 2 changed demoknights
    • wave 4 nerf giant tomislav health
    • wave 4 remove crits from soldiers
    • wave 4 remove uber from giant meds
    • wave 4 remove last 2 eviction notice giants
    • Fixed eviction notice heavies again (lies)

    • Fixed shop prices being wrong.
    • Added simple instructions.
    • Added arrows indicating games entrances.
    • Maybe...
  4. Popfile Changes

    No changes to map. Popfile changes only.

    Note: update is b3a, but map name remains b3 since it went unchanged.

    • Nerfed wave 2 pistol scouts
    • Increased maxactive wave 3 giant heavies.


    • heavily nerfed money
    • buffed all waves
    • buffed tanks
    • removed razorback
    • buffed giants
    • other stuff
  5. Fixes and Fixes and aaah more fixes

    Wow bunch of changes and fixes and general improvements.

    This time don't forget to click "...Read More" interrobang...


    • Added more relays for adding chips throughpopfiles.
    • Fixed some nav issues.
    • Fixed forward upgrade not enabling.
    • Fixed robots picking up chips twice.
    • Fixed chips timer sometimes missing.
    • Fixed a rare case when the bombbot gets teleported away at the hatch.
    • Improved clipping in places.
    • ...
  6. Mostly Fixes

    Mostly Fixes to stuff and things.


    Casino Changes:
    • Added Chips bot customization. Instructions in provided documentation popfile.
    • Speed & Power only last one wave.
    • Adjusted Shop Prices.
    • Nerfed EMP duration to 10 seconds.
    • Pachinko puck should be more bouncy.
    • One time use items are only enabled during a wave so they can't be wasted.
    • Nerfed slots payout to old values.
    • Buffed heli rockets.

    • Important signs removed mipmaps, so...
  7. Beta Bets

    Update Beta Bets

    Now in beta which means the map is fully detailed and ready to accept your hard earned cash in gambling.


    Missions General:
    • Added gatebot hats to chips bots.
    • Starting Bots spawn slightly sooner.
    • New Chips Icon.

    Intermediate Mission:
    • Added 3 more waves.
    • Wave 1 removed uber medics.
    • Other waves, nerfed uber meds.

    Advanced Mission:
    • Renamed to Cashgrab Chaos.
    • Buffed overdose medic.
    • Adjusted timings....
  8. Alpha Polish

    Just putting some final changes to the casino system and map layout. This is the final alpha version. Next stop: detailing.


    Mission Changes:

    Advanced Mission:​
    • Fixed VAC Medics
    • Added crits to roulette rumblers
    • Damage penalty for wave 1 scouts
    • Removed fire rate bonus on scorch pyros
    • Changed giant tomislav heavy to iron curtain
    • Buffed giant iron curtain heavy
    • Removed money from support in boss wave
    • Adjusted money counts
    • Adjusted...
  9. Deserved Changes

    Mission Changes:
    • Brand New Intermediate mission: Poker Pummel
    • Fixed missing icons

    Gameplay Changes:
    • Major overhauls to layout.
    • Reworked bomb hatch area to be easier to defend.
    • Reworked Bot spawn to be more interesting.
    • Reworked mid to be more interesting.
    • Underground area has more side areas.

    20180725023426_1.jpg 20180725023459_1.jpg 20180725023440_1.jpg