Canyon Bay A3

Hydro themed king of the hill

  1. Some Changes

    -Closed the entrance from the point to the neutral building
    -Added some height for jumping classes to get to
    -Added an observatory from hydro
    -Added a health pack missing from a2 to the water area
    -Closed off the deathpit by the neutral building because it wasnt being used much and it was kind of awkward
    -Textured the neutral building
    -Also made the map not boxed in (even though it wasnt really noticable)


    1. koth_canyonbay_a30000.png
    2. koth_canyonbay_a30001.png
    3. koth_canyonbay_a30002.png
  2. A2 Changes

    -Added more entrances
    -Completely changed the beach
    -Raised the control point
    -Added patches under health and ammo
    -Fixed the tilted cameras


    1. koth_canyonbay_a20000.png
    2. koth_canyonbay_a20001.png
    3. koth_canyonbay_a20002.png
    4. koth_canyonbay_a20003.png
    5. koth_canyonbay_a20004.png