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Canyon Bay A5

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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. A5 Update

    Changes made in the alpha 5 update: - Streamlined the route from spawn to mid - Added a sewer under the point that leads into where the glass room used to be - Replaced the glass room with a normal one that leads up into the point and down into...
  2. A4 Update (Minimal Changes)

    After taking a break from tf2, I have returned and I am going to continue development of this map. I made minimal changes to the map so far. These changes consist of: - Added soundscapes - Edited geometry of displacements around the point - Added...
  3. A3 Update

    -Closed the entrance from the point to the neutral building -Added some height for jumping classes to get to -Added an observatory from hydro -Added a health pack missing from a2 to the water area -Closed off the deathpit by the neutral building...