Cactus Canyon Redux RC2b

Back from the dead

  1. The 'Turnt' update

    • Added a turntable in the courtyard area of the S1-S2 connector
    Throughout most playtests, blue would easily roll through from B to C, I assume mainly due to red not having much time to contest the cart and set up a defence of the area. This turntable adds an artificial checkpoint which should allow red to have a much better time trying to defend the area.
    • Optimisation pass
    • Minor detail improvements
    • Adjusted respawn times
    • Lots of pickup changes
    • Added...
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  2. The "Smooth" Update

    • Fixed a bug preventing players from pushing the cart
    • Clipping fixes/Adjustments
    • Minor detail improvements
  3. The "Blooming" Update

    • Increased brightness of environmental lighting.
    Mainly just a small adjustment to brighten up a couple of the darker areas.
    • Increased size of 'A Barn' main doorway.
    The barn is an incredibly important building for blue to hold in order to capture A, if the defending team are putting up any sort of resistance. Previously, it wasn't being used much as it didn't appear to be a major/important area for blue to use. I've made the doorway bigger and added some...
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  4. Hug

    • Packed some missing content
    • Fixed an angled spectator camera
  5. Guh

    • Fixed cart not being able to be pushed onto the train tracks
    • Fixed spectator cameras not being properly enabled/disabled
    • Minor clipping fixes
  6. The "Grating" Update

    • Added additional cover around D
    • Improved detailing around D
    • Improved lighting in some areas
    • Clipping improvements
    • Fixed some areas near RED spawn being non-solid
    • Fixed multiple trains appearing at once/cancelling each other
    • New particle for the gatecrash sequence

    Known issues:
    • You may need to leave the cart and touch it again to push it onto the tracks, if it had scraped along the side of the train previously
    • Spectator cameras stay at...
  7. The "Running out of title ideas" Update

    • Fixed an issue preventing blue from winning after capturing all points
    • Clipping improvements
    • Lighting improvements
    • Some other things!
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  8. The "Spawned" Update

    • Fixed an issue causing RED players to spawn in the incorrect spawn rooms
    • Removed one of the two rollback zones prior to B
    • Widened the area around the B rollback zone
    • Increased length of final rollback zone for D
    • Increased frequency at which trains spawn when about to cap D
    • Extended time in which RED receive a forward spawn for C
    • Adjusted spawn times (both teams) for B, C, and D
    • Adjusted sightlines for C
    • Adjusted pickup placement and quantity/quality
    • Misc....
  9. The "Slurp" Update

    • Clipping fixes
    • Minor detail improvements
    • Fixed RED players spawning in BLU's forward spawn
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  10. The "Boxed" Update

    • Fixed train gates opening/closing at the wrong times
    • Skybox/fog improvements
    • Clipping improvements (thanks Boonie!)
    • Minor lighting improvements
    • General logic improvements