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burgeonois A17

Simple 2 CP A/D Map

  1. A17

    -reduced red team's b respawn wave time
    -increased blue's b respawn wave time
    -pushed red's spawn further back and modified b to prevent round ending spawn camping on b
    -added better guidance for taking the highground on a
    -added additional high ground for attacking a, can also be used as a good defending area for red as well
    -starting to texture parts of the map to just give ppl playtesting something new visually to look at, and to experiment with how it might look if it had a proper art pass
  2. A16

    very minor update for this one

    -made attempts to fix problems with the setup round doors
    -slightly modified B:
    -the top most flank has far less cover than it used to
    -thinned out some pathways to hopefully mitigate spawncamping
    -re-added a second resupply cabinet to red teams spawn to make it easier to get health and ammo from the 2nd spawn exit
    -added a health kit and ammo pack right behind B to give defenders a bit of a tiny boost
  3. A15

    -by popular demand, a forward spawn for blue has been added
    -edited red's spawn a bit
    -edited b to make it easier for blu to push
  4. A14A

    -more modifications to a have been made
  5. A14

    -a has been redesigned for the 3rd or 4th time, lost track of how many times a redesign has been made
    -a cap time reduced to 20 seconds
    -other layout changes
  6. A13B

    -minor changes based off feedback
    -reduced B cap time to 9 seconds (from 12 seconds)
  7. A13A

    -more adjustments based off of feedback
  8. A13

    Burgernoise A13

    -A cap time reduced to 25 seconds
    -B cap time increased to 12 seconds
    -redesigned B to make it more open and possible to take without making use of the dark arts
    -redesigned A slightly to make defending more intuitive
    -increased red's respawn wave timer after the capture of A
    -other layout changes to make traversing more interesting and intuitive
  9. A12

    -reduced A cap time to 30 seconds
    -modified certain parts of the map to feel a bit more wider and open
    -modified B to make it more fair for BLU and reduce sightlines into RED's spawn
  10. A11

    -layout changes based off feedback
    -added more ammo packs for engineers
    -moved red's spawn a bit further away from the control point
    -added another route to get through A after it is captured to hopefully prevent it from becoming a meat grinder (as some people have called it)
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