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Bridge 12

A viaduct-style koth map

  1. A12

    • Fixed a couple of displacement problems
    • Added some signs
  2. A11: Gross rework of building area

    • Removed building
    • Add extra building between spawn and yard
    • fixed up displacements
    • made top area slightly wider
  3. A10

    • Removed side area so you can no longer get behind the enemy team
    • Made right flank wider
  4. A9

    • Removed ammo from lower area
    • Made lower area narrower to limit cover
    • Completely removed containers
    • Replaced ground with displacements
  5. V8

    • Moved traincars a bit to the sides
    • Moved containers a bit more towards the center
    • Some detailing on point
    • Fixed visualizers
  6. V7

    Changes include:
    • Moved spawn slightly backwards
    • Made pillars slightly thicker
    • Changed sky to the sun is more overhead, should lead to less team-imbalanced shadowy areas
    • Changed floor texture
    • Made building next to point wider
    • Made railings non-solid
  7. A6

    • Replaced central roof with containers
    • Replaced rocks with supports for pipes
    • Moved mid up a couple units so you have to climb higher to get to it
    • Added windows and lights to a couple places to make it lighter
    • Made mid slightly longer
    • Moved right path forward more to expose snipers more
    • Added cover to right path
    • Added more clipping to corners
  8. Update V5

    Changes based on feedback from imp:
    • Nerfed the top area to limit sightlines from and to there
      • Made right cover bigger and bent it further inwards
      • Blocked standing on the left side
    • Further attempts to make middle route more viable:
      • Made middle room wider
      • Made door from spawn to middle room wider
      • Added more signs.
    • Made main building taller on the ouside
    • Added some railings
    • Improved clipping
    • Added more lights
  9. Added roof to controll point

    • Added roof to controll point, to give it more cover from the top areas
    • Added overhang to main door, to make it a more viable route
    • Added health pack to main door, same reason
    • Added some signs and team colors
    • Added window to spawn
  10. Update V3

    • Added respawnroom visualizers
    • Raised skybox
    • Added some missing clipping
    • Attempted to break up some sightlines
    • Used a couple variants instead of only one material.
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